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News of the Week

New Member Profiles

American Business Media is proud to welcome the following members, approved by the Association's board of directors during its August meeting in New York City.

“I’m delighted to welcome such a diverse group of member companies,” said Gordon T. Hughes II, ABM’s president and CEO. “The expansive nature of our membership continues to reflect the transformation of our industry and the broadening of ABM’s footprint.”

Maximum Yield Publications (International)

Started 10 years ago by Jim Jesson, Maximum Yield is a free “how-to” indoor gardening bi-monthly magazine that is distributed internationally through stores that retail indoor gardening products. It is filled with informative articles, tips, questions and answers, new products, etc. and is focused on how you can reach your “maximum yield.” Recognized as the premier magazine in the indoor gardening industry, Maximum Yield is constantly evolving with the industry.

For more information, visit www.maximumyield.com.

Baxter Research Center, Inc. (Associate)

Baxter Research conducts custom and branded specialty surveys for business-to-business associations, magazines, advertising agencies and advertisers. Using e-mail, Web-based and mail-survey methodologies for data-collection, Baxter Research is providing fieldwork and analysis in more than 1,100 U.S. and international markets.

For more information, visit www.brc.com.



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ABM Resources

2008 Media Revenue & Cost Report
Results free for survey participants

American Business Media’s newest piece of research, the 2008 Media Revenue & Cost Report, provides a wealth of valuable benchmarking information on revenues and expenses in the b-to-b publishing industry. The survey was compiled by Bay Sherman & Craig, LLP/Media Consulting Group, a firm that provides financial, operational consulting and accounting services to the publishing and trade show industries. The 2007 data includes 225 titles from 28 companies.

ABM encourages its members to take advantage of this important and useful member benefit as you analyze your operations and plan your budgets for the future. The survey data is free to participants, while non-participants can purchase a copy.

For more information, or to request a copy of the survey, please contact John Holden at j.holden@abmmail.com.



Event Report

Connect with Global Business Media Leaders at the ABM/FIPP B-to-B World Conference in LESS THAN ONE WEEK!

In less than one week, the world of B-to-B hits the Big Apple for the first time ever! Exchange ideas with your industry peers from around the globe and significantly increase your revenue and profits when the ABM/FIPP B-to-B World Conference comes to New York City September 7-9. Join American Business Media, the International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP) and a melting pot of worldwide industry leaders to learn and discuss the hottest topics in b-to-b.

Interactive sessions will address traditional magazine publishing, licensing and partnering, digital media, workforce transformation, integrated selling success, the face-to-face experience, custom publishing and much more.

And you don’t have to wait until September 7th to make those important connections with Conference attendees from around the globe. In partnership with introNetworks, ABM has launched its own events network, an online community that perfectly matches event attendees to the people and information they need … before, during and long after the Conference. By seeing who is coming and who your best matches are, you’ll be able to more effectively plan who to meet in person.

Click here to get started and choose the Sign Up link on the left. It will take you less than 10 minutes to build your event profile interactively and start networking immediately.

CAN'T MAKE THE EVENT IN PERSON? We'll be streaming it live in partnership with Stream57, official streaming partner for the ABM/FIPP B-to-B World Conference! For more information, click here.  

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to build your brand on a global scale, boost your revenue and conduct business with industry professionals from around the globe – without the travel expense!

For more information about the program or to register, click here. Need visa information? Click here.

The ABM/FIPP B-to-B World Conference is sponsored by Silver Sponsors introNetworksThe Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. and Nxtbook Media; Bronze Sponsors Aequor Technologies, BPA Worldwide, Dragonfly, Mark Logic, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, Nstein, Stream57 and Texterity; Media Sponsor BtoB; and Supporting Sponsors ConveraJunta42 and Readex Research.  

Gordon Bowen Inducted into CEBA Creative Hall of Fame
mcgarrybowen founder/chief creative officer to be honored at 13th Annual CEBA Awards ceremony on October 1

American Business Media is pleased to announce that Gordon Bowen, founder and chief creative officer of mcgarrybowen, will be inducted into the CEBA Creative Hall of Fame. He will be honored at the 13th Annual Creative Excellence in Business Advertising (CEBA) Awards ceremony on Wednesday, October 1, at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. Join us and rub shoulders with a room full of industry superstars while celebrating business media’s top creative talents.

Gordon heralds one of the most diverse and celebrated careers on Madison Avenue and oversees all of the agency’s creative efforts.

TIME Magazine labeled Gordon a creator of “emotional blockbusters,” and his acclaimed and legendary “Membership Has Its Privileges” campaign for American Express is the only advertising to ever hang in the Smithsonian Institution. Gordon’s passion is driven from the diversity of mcgarrybowen’s portfolio of clients – the edginess of Reebok, the heartfelt family values of Disney and the spontaneous creativity of children that emanates through in the spirit of Crayola. Most recently, the launch of the Chase Freedom campaign has been the most successful new card launch in history.

Gordon’s long and storied career began at Bonneville Communications where he was responsible for advertising and communications for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His “Homefront” public service campaign, considered one of the most successful in history, won the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. As creative director for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, Gordon continued his success by writing the theme line, “Light the Fire Within,” and overseeing the Opening and Closing ceremonies. His works for the games were nominated for 7 Emmy Awards. Prior to that, he held the same title for Robert Redford’s Sundance Properties, which include the Sundance Film Festival.

Upon arriving on Madison Avenue, Gordon held chief creative director positions at Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy & Mather and McCann Erickson Worldwide, creating famous campaigns for Coca-Cola (“Always Coca-Cola”) and the aforementioned American Express campaign, shot by famed Annie Leibovitz and named Campaign of the Year from 1980-1990. During this period, he also led AT&T from “Worst Advertiser of the Year” status to “Advertiser of the Year” within 12 months by launching the campaign, “It’s All Within Your Reach.” Through commercials such as Teen Date, Beaches and Rocketman, the work earned Campaign of the Year by Advertising Age.

Despite the fact that Gordon’s body of work has won numerous awards for making ads that make people laugh as well as cry, he is proudest of making ads that work. When asked about the future of mcgarrybowen, Gordon’s only comment was to quote the agency’s new line for the United States Olympic team: Amazing Awaits!

The CEBA Hall of Fame gives acknowledgement and due recognition to those agencies or individuals who have left an indelible mark on business media advertising and creative communities with their unforgettable campaigns.

Recognizing outstanding business advertising achievements in publications, digital media and face-to-face events, the CEBAs are business media’s most coveted creative award, drawing thousands of entries and enhancing relationships among advertisers, agencies and publishers. The CEBAs have become a gold standard of creative excellence recognized by advertising peers and clients alike, and highlight the breadth, reach and innovation of some of the world's top agencies.

Join us and find out who will take home the $25,000 grand prize when winners are announced at the 2008 CEBA Award ceremony on Wednesday, October 1, in the Allen Room at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, Broadway at 60th Street in New York City. And as the CEBAs would not be possible without the member companies who nominate outstanding examples of business advertising, ABM will present its special Publisher’s Award to those member publishers whose nominations garner CEBA Awards for ads that ran in publications, at in-person events or on Web sites.  

Find out more about the grand history of the CEBA Awards and the 2008 judges at www.CEBA-Awards.com.

The CEBA Hall of Fame is sponsored by Adweek Media.
The 2008 CEBA Awards program is sponsored by
BBN Networks, BtoB, Nielsen Business MediaReed Exhibitions and United Business Media.



eMedia Update

London Calling: Tim Weller Checks In with the ABM Video Network

The ABM Video Network is going global this week as we bring you an interview with Tim Weller, Group CEO of Incisive Media. The British-based Incisive Media’s acquisition of the former ALM created waves in the b-to-b industry and has positioned Incisive as one of the dominant players in the international business media space.   

Tune in as Weller sits down to discuss exactly how Incisive looks at the opportunity to expand its global reach into the U.S. and leverage the assets of the ALM brand to help grow Incisive during challenging economic times. He’ll also share some of the top line concerns and challenges for traditional b-to-b media companies exploring the merging of data assets with the right online technology to tap the business information wellspring. 

Weller will be on hand to moderate a panel on rich data/business information at the upcoming “ABM/FIPP B-to-B World Conference,” the first global b-to-b event to be held in New York City, from September 7-9 at the Roosevelt Hotel.         
At www.AmericanBusinessMedia.com, you can access our video content on-demand. Just click on the title in the list of videos beneath the Dragonfly player on ABM’s homepage to watch our content when and how you want! 

Remember: Watching the ABM Video Network requires you to update to version 9 of Adobe’s Flash Player. And it’s easy to download: Just click here to access the update and download it to your computer!   



Marketing & Media Buying

Leading Industry Marketer Offers Tips for Managing in a Downturn 

Last month, business media professionals gathered in New York for ABM’s “B-to-B Meets Advertising in an Economic Downturn” breakfast event, where they learned straight from industry leaders about how to focus their sales strategies in the face of today's challenging economic climate.

One of the morning’s speakers, John Favalo, managing partner of Group B2B at Eric Mower & Associates, has kindly given us some additional thoughts from the session to share with ABM members. Some of his insights (more to follow in the coming weeks) are below.

Staying on Top in Turbulent Times

  • Obsess Over the Customer/Insights: help uncover/deliver/define customer insights
  • Global Citizen: help extend brand reach
  • B to Blurr in the Channel: help brands uncover/develop/deal with new sales channels
  • More Channels: help multiply messages across channels for brands
  • Green: corporate responsibility; help brands be more responsible
  • Community Marcom: help brands create communities and dialogues
  • Value Chain: help brands lengthen or leverage value chains, or become the strongest link
  • Attack the White Space: help integrate and align against competitive silos and fiefdoms
  • Standout: help draw attention to brands in new ways, even free ways
  • Metrics: help the brand make a friend of the CFO

Want to learn more about investing in advertising during this current economic climate? Check out ABM’s recently-produced PowerPoint presentation, “The Importance and Value of B2B Advertising During Times of Economic Uncertainty.”



Government Affairs

Online Advertising Concerns Heat Up in Congress  

Following on the heels of the July hearing in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology regarding "Privacy Implications on Internet Advertising," online advertising is shaping up to be a hot-button issue in the next session of Congress.

Representative Edward Markey (D-Mass), head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and other supporters of the legislation, plan to introduce a bill tentatively called the "Online Privacy Bill of Rights." The proposed law could require companies to solicit approval from consumers before collecting data on their Internet activities and to make known how they are collecting and using this data on their consumers.

Since there is no existing privacy legislation concerning Internet advertising, Congress is seeking to learn more about the issue and how companies are collecting information online. Earlier this month, four members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce sent letters to 33 cable and Internet companies, including Google, Microsoft and Comcast, asking them to provide details about their privacy standards. Responses to the letters will give Congress valuable insight into what cable and Internet companies are doing with information they collect.

Ultimately, now that Congress is paying attention, privacy advocates, Internet companies and advertising industry groups will continue to debate a federal law versus industry self-regulation of Internet advertising as they seek more specific insight into how data is actually utilized. American Business Media is closely following this issue and will continue to update its members on the latest developments.




ABM Member Feature

BMA Recognizes Communicator of the Year

The Business Marketing Association of New York (BMANY) announced it will present its 42nd Annual Communicator of the Year Award to American Express during Advertising Week in New York City. The awards luncheon will take place Tuesday, September 23, at Tavern on the Green. Registration for this event can be made at www.bmanyc.org.

The Communicator of the Year is the Business Marketing Association’s most prestigious and enduring award, presented each year to a leader in business-to-business marketing communications. This year, the BMA board of directors selected the Plum Card Campaign from American Express OPEN. Peter Vaughan, VP of brand management, will be accepting the award.

American Express OPEN’s Plum Card Campaign is “the perfect example of excellence in strategy, creativity and implementation,” said Ned Clausen, president and executive director of the BMANY.

The criteria for selecting a winner are stringent, and include such critical communication elements as the ability to create uniqueness and impact as well as building highly-recognized brand awareness. Previous winners include UPS, Verizon Wireless, AETNA, AT&T, IBM, the U.S. Postal Service, Lucent Technologies and Merrill Lynch.



Research Central 

ABM's Agri Council Embarks on New Research

American Business Media is embarking on a major new study to determine how farmers and ranchers have integrated digital media into their media regimen.

Stay tuned to E-news for updates.


Meet the Millennials

How do Millennials make buying decisions?
Where do they look for important information?
How do they value the various media channels?

Looking to better understand how this new generation infiltrating the workplace makes decisions as both professionals and consumers?

ABM is well aware of the continually-shifting workforce and the importance of understanding and channeling this resource, so we’ve prepared a manual or “guide” for getting to know your new co-workers. Find out what makes them tick, how to harness their best traits, and much more by checking out ABM’s latest research study, “Young Professionals as Decision Makers.”

ABM continues to make strides in raising the visibility and stature of the business information among tomorrow’s leaders. Therefore, our monthly “Outside the Cube” video broadcast and blog series, both featuring Wally Koval, target the millennium generation with his perspective on industry hot topics. In addition, ABM’s Media Mixers bring young professionals together for cocktails, connections and career advice.

Click here to check out ABM’s latest research on young professionals.

Forrester Fact Board

For business decision makers, industry-specific Web sites play an important role in extending the value of industry-specific magazines and events; 29% turn to industry-specific Web sites FIRST for information, and 25% say industry-specific Web sites help them find the best companies to buy from.  

This is only one of many significant findings from a recently-conducted Forrester consulting study, commissioned by American Business Media. It’s one of the most comprehensive in the business media space, and thousands of industry professionals are finding it an invaluable tool for analyzing the trends and impact of b-to-b media on both end users/decision-makers and marketers.

Our Forrester consulting study conveys just how important industry-specific media properties are. Find below six versions of the study available to best fit your specific needs:

Also take advantage of our webinar tutorial and learn how to best utilize the study’s findings, especially valuable during this time of economic uncertainty. Act now and access this important industry research, or contact Richard Bertin at r.bertin@abmmail.com for more information.



Top Media Moves

Questex Media has increased its footprint in the spa industry with the acquisition of SpaTrade, the producer of SpaTrade.com, SpaExec.net and the SpaExec networking events.

United Business Media has acquired market research firm Pyramid Research for $8 million. The London-based publishing group plans to integrate Pyramid with its own research group, Heavy Reading – an arm of the Light Reading Communications Network, which serves the telecommunications industry and is managed by UBM’s TechWeb group.

Penton Media announced the launch of its new Web site, www.ironmax.com, which is designed to connect buyers and sellers of heavy-duty equipment across a variety of industries.

CNET.com debuted a new look that aggregates the CNET Networks suite of Web properties. The revamp includes everything from the site’s logo, design and navigation to the delivery of product reviews and tech news.

Advanstar Communications announced it has signed a five-year extension with GES Exposition Services to produce MAGIC International, a fashion industry trade show.

In conjunction with its September '500' issue, Inc. magazine released its second annual Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. For the second consecutive year, Red 7 Media ranked first among magazine publishers.



Event Calendar

2008 Top Management Meeting: Managing the Future
November 17-19, 2008, Westin River North, Chicago

If you’re ever going to attend an ABM meeting, this is the one you can’t miss! American Business Media has commissioned Booz & Company to conduct an in-depth look at our membership’s three critical pain points: optimization of content, technological needs and organizational structure. This critical research will provide ABM members with guideposts to work through the difficult transitional period our industry is currently facing. At the Top Management Meeting this year, Booz & Company will deliver course and direction for our member companies based on the study’s findings.

In addition, industry leaders will present an assessment of election results and how they’ll affect your business. And, as always, you won’t want to miss the CEO Roundtable.

Click here for more information …



Member Event of the Week

Aspermont Limited's Excellence in Mining & Exploration
September 14, 2008, Hilton Hotel, Sydney
Click here to find out more.

To see your event featured here, please contact us at info@abmmail.com.



Job of the Week  

Project Manager, Scholastic 




Committee Watch

The following is a list of upcoming ABM Committee and Council meetings. All meetings are at ABM's New York offices, and time listed is EST, unless otherwise noted.    

Digital Media Council

September 11, 2008, 11:00 AM EST


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