ABM: The Association of Business Information & Media Companies

Passion and Defense for All Business-to-Business Models
... Digital, Events, Information, Marketing Services, Print Media, Websites and E-Newsletters

ABM's purposes:

Promote and Defend the Industry

• Advocacy & Lobbying in Washington on Legislative Threats to Industry Business Practices
• Promote Industry to Key Stakeholders on Wall Street, Madison Avenue, etc.

Accelerate Transformation to New Business Models

• Provide Visibility into Strategic Options
• Enable Implementation Through Pragmatic Solutions
• Create the Nexus for Exchange of Ideas & Solutions
• Deliver Information, Education, Knowledge Needed

Recent Legislative Successes

• 5% postal rate increase for periodicals and other products.
• ABM’s advocacy shaped the recent privacy/data restriction debate, as specific points ABM made on Capitol Hill about the unique needs of the business information industry were included in legislation.
• ABM participated in an amicus brief forcefully arguing that data collection, sales and use deserve the strongest level of First Amendment protection. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed, giving the data industry a big win in Sorrell v. IMS Health.

To join ABM, contact:

Heather Cejovic, director of sponsorships & recruitment, at h.cejovic@abmmail.com or (212) 784-6363.