Representing Business Information Inside the Beltway

Since its founding in 1906, when a group of 12 business publishers gathered in Niagara Falls, NY, to combat a threatened postal increase, ABM has been active in various legislative and regulatory initiatives.

In line with the transformation of the media industry, ABM currently represents its members in Washington on a wide range of issues that impact industry business practices, including privacy/behavioral advertising, piracy, collection and use of data, postal rates and reform, geolocation, net neutrality and more.

ABM’s Information Policy Committee is active in studying and developing ABM positions on new media issues (most recently privacy and anti-piracy legislation) that will affect information providers in the coming years. 

Click here to view the latest edition of ABM's Government Policy Brief, which outlines and prioritizes the key issues in Washington and their significance to members.

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ABM members can also take advantage of limited, but invaluable, free legal consultation services on issues such as postal rates and classifications, privacy, piracy, tax, spam/fax and human resources. Click here for a contact list of ABM’s counsel.