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BIMS 2014
BIMS 2014
Anti-Spam Law Resources

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Resources

On July 1, 2014, the majority of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will be put into effect. These regulations apply to commercial electronic messages, harvesting of address information, installation of computer programs and false representations in messages, and altogether, will give Canada the world’s strictest spam/malware legislation. Furthermore, CASL compliance is required for all missives sent from or accessed in Canada, making the law an issue of global consequence.

SIIA/ABM has compiled a list of resources to help businesses act in accordance with CASL. These resources include a compliance toolkit devised by McCarthy Tétrault senior partner (and Canadian IP law expert) Barry Sookman, a webinar with Sookman from January and additional articles and resources dealing with the legislation. To access the page, click here.

Government Affairs
Government affairs

SIIA-ABM Postal Operations Briefing

The outlook for postal rates continues to be very uncertain. Postal increases have traditionally taken place in January of each year. For 2015 there are several factors in place that could result in an increase taking place later in the year, or perhaps not at all.

Presently the exigency surcharge is temporary and will likely be fulfilled in August or September 2015. To avoid an increase in January and another decrease adjustment later in the year, the Postal Service could decide to hold off on the January increase.

There have also been informal suggestions that the USPS would like to move the increase date to later in the year regardless for internal reasons.

Exigent appeal cases are also in the courts that could eliminate the exigent completely or bake it into the rates permanently.

There are various postal reform proposals in Congress which could affect rates, with a continued threat of rate increases to offset postal service revenue losses.

Read more.

ABM's Mission

The information and media industry is growing in complexity:

  • Audiences and marketers are becoming customers and competitors.
  • Media and information are evolving into market intelligence.
  • Revenue models more complex, requiring multiple sources.
  • Single platform publications are now integrated multi-platform operations.
  • New technologies mean new competitors.
  • New capabilities are complicating ROI strategies.

Companies are navigating new revenues, developing new products, repositioning brands and seeking new talent and skills. Media and information executives are re-allocating costs to new growth; considering new metrics, case studies and benchmarks; and grappling with legislative threats.

In this dynamic environment, ABM's purpose is twofold:

First, to promote and defend our industry, through advocacy and lobbying in Washington on legislative threats to industry business practices; as well as by promoting industry to key stakeholders on Wall Street, Madison Avenue, etc.

Second, to accelerate the transformation to new business models, primarily through providing visibility into strategic options; enabling implementation through pragmatic solutions; creating a nexus for the exchange of ideas and solutions; and delivering information, education and knowledge.

Learn more about ABM.

Native Ads Forecast

Native ads in B2B: Pricing, best practices and the demand

8/28/14 - Although only five months old, ALM's native ads program has become a seven-figure business; Slate reports nearly 20 percent of its digital ad revenue comes from native. Read More.

Circulation matters: The top 25 U.S. trade magazines

8/28/14 - Using recently updated data from auditing companies Alliance for Audited Media and BPA Worldwide, here's the top 25 business-to-business magazines in the United States, ranked by circulation figures. Read More.

Publishers, be the master of programmatic ad buying, not the victim

8/27/14 - Programmatic advertising is trendy, and its use is growing, but recent research and expert opinion suggest that the practice is no panacea for what ails publishing. Read More.
Tracy Samantha Schmidt

Case study: Putting the right resources into the right social media platforms

8/21/14 - Crain director of social media strategy Tracy Samantha Schmidt explains the best prioritization for business-to-business media companies -- LinkedIn over Twitter, Twitter, over Facebook -- and why. Read More.

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